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Butyl hydroquinone

  • Chemical name tert-butyl hydroquinone;TBHQ
  • CAS Number 1948-33-0
  • Properties white crystals
  • Molecular formula C10H14O2
  • Molecular weight 166.22
  • Structural Formula
  • Specifications

    Appearance: white to off-white crystals 
    Melting point: 126.5-128.5 °C
    Content: ≥99.0%

  • Use

    A useful antioxidant for unstable organic liquids such as chlorinated hydrocarbons, certain oils, ethers, and aldehydes. Also an effective heat and light stabilizer for the pressure-sensitive adhesives based on polyvinylethers. In addition, can be used as a polymerization retarder for unsaturated polyesters and certain other polymerizable systems.
    [Safety Description] : Keep away from ignition-No smoking.

  • Packing

    In 25kg/drum cardboard drum lined with double plastic bags.