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he R&D Center Introduction of Dalian Huiyuan Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

Lowcarbon Chemical Industry R&D Center. is built by Dalian Huiyuan Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd. and School of Chemical&Material of Dalian Polytechnic University together. It has a complete and high-quality research team of doctors, masters, and senior engineers.At present, the researches focus on Phenol and Quinone, Fluorenone of Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Triphenylphosphine, Slica protection Reagent, and New types UV series of products.

★Phenol and Quinone Derivatives
★Fluorescent Brightener Derivatives
★Ultraviolet Absorbent Derivatives

★Custom Synthesis

The R&D Center has testing equipment of conventional Reactor and Rotary Evaporators ; pilot scale test equipment of 20L, 50L reactor and high pressure reactor,etc. And we also have chemical analysis instruments of GC, HPLC,  IR, UV, atomic absorption, scanning electron microscope, polymer materials aging test equipment, etc. So we can provide GC、HPLC、NMR test and so on.

The R&D center mainly engaged in developing new product, researching and producing customized products, and implementing the lowcarbon chemical project with Dalian Polytechnic University together. We can accept the customized order form from several grams to several kilograms even to several metric tons. Our research team, with riched experience, not only can accept term processing, but also can develop, enlarge and produce new products according to customer’s requirement.. Our purpose is to meet customer’s need and provide high quality service.

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